Are you fed up with cheap products that don't keep their promises? And with good products that are unaffordable?

Then you're like I was a few years ago!

Hey, I'm Dilan, 29 years old and I come from the beautiful cathedral city of Cologne. I lived my dream for 11 years as a passionate and successful make-up artist . My heart and soul is in the cosmetics industry.

During this instructive phase of my life, I saw how long professional make-up can take and how inaccessible the really excellent products are. Unless you pay huge sums for products that harm the environment. And that are neither vegan nor cruelty-free. As a make-up artist and beautician, I have made a wide variety of women shine with my make-up. I knew with every customer that the end result would be beautiful make-up. That she would be satisfied and happy and experience an unforgettable evening.

And yet I still had this devastating inner conflict.

Because not every one of these beautiful women could afford the high-quality products. I was forced to make compromises. I had to apply cheap products to most of the women. Of course, even with the cheap products, the customers were more than happy. Because the make-up was always perfect and they looked simply stunning.

But I knew that the cheap products are harmful to the skin!

It has always been my heart's desire to one day offer natural, high-quality cosmetics with wonderful ingredients that everyone can afford.

Because it was clear to me that every woman deserves the best and therefore excellent quality!

A battle raged inside me. This inner conflict became more and more unbearable. One day a young woman came to me. She was beautiful and I was allowed to do her make-up for a gala night. I could really see how excited she was. But when I looked at her more closely, I immediately saw that her skin was already very badly affected. She had blemished, dry and unhealthy skin. She was also struggling with various rashes. And as luck would have it, she could only afford "cheap" cosmetics. So I was forced to apply even more bad products to her already flawed skin. Everything in me rebelled against it. I was close to tears. It was so paradoxical to me.

Doesn’t every woman deserve high-quality cosmetics?

That was the point when I realized: I can't go on like this anymore.

It's time for a change!

It was clear to me that I couldn't do it alone. I was and am a make-up artist. I'm interested in individual beauty. I turned to my husband in desperation. I poured out my heart to him. And so we set off on the journey together.

We wanted to know what makes excellent cosmetics so expensive. And how can we offer high-quality and natural products at an affordable price?

Shocking! The expensive products were not made because of excellent ingredients.

No! It's because of huge advertising costs and expensive middlemen. And hardly any of these "brand manufacturers" are actually experts. There are huge corporations behind them everywhere. None of them work with these cosmetic products on a daily basis. I, on the other hand, do!

That is why we have decided to look for selected and qualitatively outstanding producers.

By eliminating the middleman, I was able to do what was always my heart's desire for the first time:

Extremely high-quality natural cosmetics at sensationally low prices.

I was very lucky that my husband was enthusiastic.

He put his career on hold and made my dream our dream. He took care of the marketing, the shop, everything that comes with it. This allows me to use my many years of expertise to pursue my absolute passion project! Because as a successful make-up artist, I know what is really of excellent quality. That's why I tested countless products. I spent hours sitting down with the best cosmetics experts and tinkering.

It was clear to me:

The products must be 100% natural and vegan.

With exquisite, high-quality and natural ingredients for the skin.

The idea was to create a product that I would even use to moisturize my future children!

💚 NUDE Cosmetics was born!

You have to know that we started with a single wonderful product. Basically from ZERO. Because our small budget didn't allow for much more at the beginning. The result: The Natural Glow Collection was born. I was (and still am) convinced and excited from the bottom of my heart! With my precious products I was finally able to make a difference. You can still find the collection as a bestseller in our shop. It was extremely important to me not to just create a fashion brand.


I wanted a unique, sensational product range. A distinctive brand that I stand behind 100%. I want to be able to offer my future children something extraordinary.

They should say: Mom and Dad, we are proud of you!

Nude Cosmetics is an absolute passion project.

Nude means naked.

We want to tell you with nude that you are naturally beautiful!

Our mission is to become the leading brand in the field of natural cosmetics.

That is exactly why our products are:

  • 100% natural, because Mother Nature gives us the best ingredients!
  • 100% ecological, because we do not need unnecessary pollutants.
  • Vegan, so that no animal has to die for our products.
  • Free from animal testing because we value and love all living beings.
  • Dermatologically tested because your health is important to us.
  • Completely free of microplastics because we love nature.
  • CO₂-neutral shipping because the environment is important to all of us.
  • Carefully manufactured in Germany
  • Also suitable for the delicate skin of children.

EVERYONE should be able to afford our unique, natural and wonderful products!

That’s why we sell directly to our customers without any middlemen.

We also avoid extremely expensive advertising campaigns.

We are convinced that nature gives us everything we need.

And that every woman deserves excellent quality!

We want to make you shine, of course

Let Mother Nature kiss you and emphasize your natural beauty with nude. 💚